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It has often been remarked by clients on their first visit to the studio that it resembles a medieval torture chamber, and some days your abdominals may believe that, but fear not, the springs are there to assist your workout.

Mat Classes

Using your own body weight for resistance Mat classes are at the heart of all pilates exercises.

These classes are recommended for everyone as modifications can be made to each exercise to affect the difficulty and level of challenge.

For many people these classes are an ideal introduction to the Pilates method.
We offer mat classes at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels and the classes are limited to 12 participants so lots of personal attention from your teacher is ensured.


Tower Classes

The Tower is an apparatus addition to the Classical Mat, with springs that help to understand the resistance element to the exercises, giving support on some exercises and increased challenge on others.  This is a very versatile, dynamic fun class.

Tower classes are available at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels and we never allow more than 10 clients per class so you can be assured of the Instructor’s attention.

Reformer Classes

The Reformer, probably the most famous piece of Pilates apparatus, designed as its name implies, to reform your body. 

Our reformer classes are a challenging and fun introduction to this piece of apparatus. You’ll no doubt find muscles you didn’t know you had that will help you to rebalance and come away feeling lengthened and strengthened. 

Reformer classes are limited to 5 people per class so there is no escaping your instructors beady eyes. 


Private classes are ideal for those new to Pilates or for those clients who prefer to have the instructor’s undivided attention.

During the 1:1 session with your instructor your class will be tailored specifically to your needs using the repertoire of studio apparatus. 

Semi Private

Semi private classes are shared sessions of 2 ( a Duet ) or 3 ( a Trio ) clients where you will benefit from the teachers close attention and access to all the studio apparatus – without the full cost of a private lesson.


Mat Class – £18

Tower Class – £20

Reformer Class – £25

Private – £60

Private with Ali – £70

Semi Private – Duet – £34pp

Semi Private – Duet with Ali – £38pp


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