Pilates Nation

What Our Clients Say

A big thank you to Pilates Nation, it has changed my life for the better. I really have noticed the change, not just to my posture, core strength but to my general well being. I really enjoy the classes, look forward to going and would love to do it everyday.

– Jayne H

I have suffered back pain for the last 30 years but since starting Pilates about 5 years ago this back pain has been reduced considerably, which is all thanks and credit to Alison and her brilliant team of teachers.   The friendly atmosphere and words of encouragement from everyone at Pilates Nation has been an inspiration to me.  Pilates has changed my life.  A big big thank you to Alison and all the teachers.

– Adrienne M

Pilates Nation has been an absolutely integral element of my rehab after major foot surgery. I don’t think I would have ever learned to walk properly again without the trainers here. I’ve been constantly impressed with the level of knowledge and insight that they have displayed. I think that it is also a friendly, efficiently run place with good facilities.

– Jeremy Green

Alison and her crew at Pilates Nation are experienced, excellently trained, caring and challenging. They helped me understand why I had back trouble & how to help myself. They have kept me and my back healthy for the last 10 years! I persuaded my husband to go and he’s now a complete convert too.

– Ruth Schamroth

My mum and I attend the Monday night Beginner’s class with Kate. It’s absolutely brilliant and is always catered to fit the individual attendees to the class. We always leave sweaty and smiling. Totally love Pilates & Pilates Nation!

My mum also attends a variety of Private and Semi Private sessions in addition to our Monday lesson and she loves them all.

– Lucy and Jo Summerfield

Dawn is very patient, kind and understanding and also has an excellent sense of humour!

– Nikki Lusardi

All the staff at Pilates Nation are highly qualified and caring and I have felt complete trust in their instruction. My pain is much reduced, I am fitter and my “core” muscle strength is so much improved as is my postural strength. I can only sum up my highest praise for Pilates Nation by saying “they have given me my life back!”