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Pilates Nation offers a fully comprehensive Pilates Workshop in London for students with strong Intermediate Pilates skills and a bridging programme for qualified teachers looking to develop a classical approach.

Focusing on quality, consistency and creativity, the Pilates Passport (™) has been designed to provide a comprehensive training in the Pilates Method that will create exceptional teachers. Since its inception in 2012, 8 Instructors have successfully graduated and are now authorised to use the “Pilates Nation Qualified” logo on their business cards and websites.

The course lasts up to 15 months and features monthly weekend workshops, regular anatomy workshops, weekly meetings and a significant number of apprenticeship hours spent in the studio observing, practising Pilates, assisting and practising teaching.

Workshops will cover exercises on all the pieces of Pilates apparatus:

Chairs (Electric, Wunda, Armchair)
Barrels (Small, Spine Corrector, Ladder)
Magic Circle
Auxiliary Equipment (Toe corrector, Foot corrector, Sand Bag)

Participants will learn to train their eye to see what is required for each body they see and to develop programmes to fulfil the individual needs of clients through observation, practise and listening.

There are practical and verbal tests after each 100 Apprentice hours and at 600 hours there is a final assessment that includes a written paper as well as practical and verbal examinations.

This programme is emotionally, mentally and physically challenging and requires passionate commitment. Before applying, please ensure that you are equipped with a good working knowledge of the Intermediate Pilates System and that you are in good physical condition. Understanding the exercise in your own body is a very important step to becoming a great teacher and before being accepted on the Pilates Passport (™) programme, all applicants will be assessed on these pre-requisites. Applicants will be required to perform exercises without assistance and to demonstrate a working knowledge of how to set up apparatus correctly and safely.

“Bridging” applicants will also need to provide documentary evidence of their current qualifications.

If you are interested in training with Pilates Nation, please contact Alison Goodman on
020 8444 5244 or at for more information.

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